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Therapy Groups. Groups are offered depending on the needs and interests of students. If you are interested in participating in a group, please call Counseling and Psychological Services to obtain more information.

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Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Listen to Audio Exercises Choose from relaxation, meditation, or breathing

Innovations in College Counseling . ACPA Convention 2009 . Information Sessions: A Ridiculously Easy Way to Screen for Group . Diana E. Damer, Ph.D.

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Individual counseling supports your personal growth and addresses a broad spectrum of needs.

Eddins Counseling Group’s team of counselors & therapists in Houston offer marriage, couples, career, family, , and adult counseling. Call 832-559-2622

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If you’re looking for support in the evening or over the weekend, here are several resources:

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When you feel emotionally overwhelmed, grounding techniques and self soothing skills can help you calm. Working with a trauma therapist can help you heal.

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Group Psychotherapy Column Semi-structured termination exercises: A compilation from the Groups in College Counseling Centers Listserv

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For over 30 years I have worked with couples, groups, individuals, and families to help them find lasting freedom from difficulties of every kind.