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White spots on the skin become more noticeable with a tan, leading sufferers to search for the cause. Usually, white spots are not a reason for serious

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Dry skin on the penis may be alarming, but it’s usually not a sign of a serious medical condition. Possible causes include allergic reactions to latex, harsh soaps or cleansers, and sex or masturbation without lubrication. Here are seven common causes for dry skin on the penis, along with tips for prevention.

Many different conditions can produce new white patches of skin in ren. This article highlights two of the most common causes of white patches of skin.

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Genital warts or Condyloma Acuminata. Genital warts are pink to skin-colored bumps commonly seen on perianal areas, shaft of penis and scrotum. They are very common viral infection caused by human papillomavirus …

Skin Abnormalities Affecting the Penis – Learn about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis & treatment from the Merck Manuals – Medical Consumer Version.

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Human skin color ranges in variety from the darkest brown to the lightest hues. An individual’s skin pigmentation is the result of genetics, being the product of both of the individual’s biological parents’ genetic makeup. In evolution, skin pigmentation in human beings evolved by a process of natural selection primarily to regulate the amount of ultraviolet radiation penetrating the skin

viii BLACK SKIN, WHITE MASKS of Nazi Germany. While serving in the military, Fanon experienced racism on a daily basis. In France, he noticed that French women avoided black soldiers who were sacrifi cing their lives to liberate

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Photographs showing the three zones of skin of the intact adult penis, with lines drawn where the foreskin begins on the shaft and at the mucocutaneous junction to show how much penile skin — more than half — is foreskin.

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Like their owners, penises come in a veritable rainbow of colors. However, many men are concerned about the appearance of their penis skin when it …

Lichen sclerosus is a rare condition seen in er and older people. In women, it causes white patches of thin skin, usually around the anus and vulva. In men, the disorder tends to affect the foreskin of the penis.

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